The Farm

  • Wander a 72 acre tuscan farm
  • Enjoy olive oil fresh from the farm
  • Olive Groves and Wine Vineyards
  • Farm-fresh olives right from the source

Tenuta Santo Pietro's 72-acre estate was part of a larger farm system laid out by Pope Pius II in the mid-1400s. Today it is a self-sufficient gentleman's farm with twelve acres of vineyards and twelve of olive trees. You can wander amid the splendor of the land for hours. In autumn, join in an olive harvest or take part in a pressing. At any time of year, enjoy superior olive oil and wine produced from our land. Santo Pietro arranges wine and olive oil tastings for its guests and visitors.

Our property is home to over 1,100 olive trees of four indigenous varietals.  The trees range in age from 15 years to well over 100 years.  We pick all our olives by hand, using traditional methods which ensure that the fruit is at its best when we cold press it, the same day the olives are picked from the trees. 

Our vineyards include 12 acres of old and new growth vines of Sangiovese, Merlot and Vermentino grapes. We produce approximately 1,300 cases of wine per year. We pride ourselves on the small production of the highest quality wine we can make.

Olive Oil

At Tenuta Santo Pietro we pride ourselves on the superior taste and quality of our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. We believe that what makes our oil so delicious is our commitment to traditional production. Our ancient olive trees thrive in nutrient rich soil under the warm Tuscan sun. Each fall we hand pick our olives and never add any chemicals, preservatives or anything that isn't 100% natural. The result is a rich, green oil that is smooth, slightly peppery and addictive. Click here to visit our online store.

Our Wines

We currently produce four wines from our vineyards: Pio II, a lively, classic Chianti DOCG (WS 87), Viper, a richly-blended Super Tuscan (WS 88), Perceptum, an IGT of international varietals (WS 89), and Imago, a refreshing 100% Vermentino. All our wines go well with just about everything there is to eat in this area - cheeses, meats, pastas and vegetables. Our wines are available for purchase on site in the Bar Wine Room, at local restaurants and shops, as well as in select locations in the US. All four TSP wines can be shipped worldwide for free from the winery in Pienza. For more information, please contact us.


As an agriturismo, we take seriously the connection between what we grow and produce from our land and what we serve in our restaurant. All of our dishes are prepared fresh daily from products that we grow ourselves or source locally from like-minded producers. The only products we buy are meat and dairy. Everything else we produce here. We make all of our own bread and pasta and offer many gluten free options to our guests. Our menu is ever changing to reflect what is in season and at its peak of freshness.