Taste our wines and cheese

Taste the wines we produce and discover the famous Pienza Pecorino cheese.

Wine Tasting

Cost: €15

Tenuta Santo Pietro is located in the very heart of Tuscany’s wine making center.  Our winetasting consists of a description of wine making, and specifically wine making in Tuscany, and a tasting of three of our Tenuta Santo Pietro wines. This can be done in our wine cellar or in the main house.

Cheese Tasting

Cost: €20 per person

Pienza is world famous for its legendary Pecorino cheese.  This tasting consists of a description of the different types of Pecorino di Pienza and a tasting of several different types of these cheeses. One of our wines is provided with the tasting.

Cheese & Wine Tasting

Cost: €30 per person 

Pecorino cheese pairs beautifully with our wines. Make the most of the two previous experiences by combining the pecorino tasting with our wine tasting.