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Chefs experiment in the kitchen, winemakers experiment in the cellar. Several years ago, curiosity got the upper hand. The thought was to create a unique and interesting blend by setting aside small batches of wine from select barrels of each vintage, having different characteristics, and continuing to age them. Varying percentages of the different vintages were then blended with more recent ones to create a wine that has the complexity of an aged one with the freshness of a younger harvest. The resulting blend is made up of approximately 50% Sangiovese and 50% a combination of international grapes. Being an experimental wine, it does not follow any denomination and it is clearly non-vintage. The color is bright and intense burgundy with violet reflections. The nose is intense, having notes of blackberry and blueberry, cocoa, cinnamon, and liquorice. Harmonious to the palate, full bodied, with delicate tannins and pleasant oakiness and vanilla; the long aromatic persistence hints to the fruitiness found in the nose. Strongly recommended with handmade pastas with game, ragù, Fiorentina steak, and aged or fermented cheeses… and even dark chocolate.